VIRTUEGRADE Men’s Rugged Stainless Steel Rosary

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  • Handcrafted and made from premium quality materials, this high-end rosary is great for daily prayer and meditation.
  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction. Made from stainless steel rosary beads on a durable, unbreakable stainless steel wire. Welded ring connectors connect the medal and cross with the wire. This rosary is also tangle free.
  • Seven Sorrows Medal. Develop a devotion to Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows.
  • Rosary weighs 4.2 oz and measures 19.5” in length, has a loop length of 13”, a medal diameter of 0.9’’, crucifix length of 2’’ and width of 1.2”. The Our Father beads are 10mm and the Hail Mary beads are 6mm.

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Looking for a high-quality rosary that is perfect for daily prayer and meditation? Look no further than our expertly handcrafted WWI replica rosary. Made from premium materials and designed with a solid style and weighty, luxury feel, this stainless steel rosary is built to last. Featuring a Seven Sorrows medal and a Pardon Crucifix that are reinforced, this rosary is the perfect way to support meditative prayer. And with a tangle-free Cross Hammer round chain that will not rust or tarnish over time, you can be sure that this rugged rosary will be a cherished addition to your prayer routine for years to come. Measuring 19.5” in length with a medal diameter of 0.9’’ and a crucifix length of 2’’, this rosary is the perfect size for any prayerful occasion. Order now and experience the beauty and quality of our premium WWI replica rosary.

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  1. Virtuegrade delivers a beautiful and extremely well-made Rosary. The packing is beautiful and you know that the contents are equal in quality. I’m so happy with my new Rosary and I really recommend this company and their products.

  2. This does appear to very durable and the beads are a bit larger than I assumed they would be; not a problem for me through. The quality is excellent and the build is good. They are heavy though and you will know if it is in your pocket.

  3. The heft of the rosary is a little bit more than I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise. The build quality is absurd in the sense it’s absurdly overbuilt. Cannot recommended this rosary enough.

  4. The beauty and ruggedness of this Rosary is very apparent the moment you open the box! The chain and connecting points look solid and sturdy to last! Although there is a slight “heft” to it, this fits nicely and comfortably in the pocket (I’m using a medium-sized Rosary pouch)! This is exactly as advertised; and yes, I would definitely do business with them again – in a heartbeat!

  5. In 2003 I was with the Army in Iraq and had a rosary with me at all times, but due to wear and tear it broke beyond repair. I bought this rosary after searching for weeks and reading many reviews. The construction is good and the size is adequate. The only detail is that I will have to get used to its weight.

  6. This rosary is one of the highest quality. I am very pleased with my purchase. I highly recommend it.

  7. It’s not just hype, the connector rings are not butted but actually welded together. It’s a spot weld on one side and not all around (spot on 3 sides) but for what this is, it’s enough. The string is a chain and I’m assuming it’s spot welded on one side of the crimp as the crimp will not hold the chain but on closer inspection the chain lays flat and sturdy on the side that’s not a little wonky so I’m safely assuming it is attached to one side if not both, it was put through the ring and then it was folded over. The crimp doesn’t open up, I could get it open if I was determined but honestly this is a nice Rosary. It has heft, honestly you’ll like it a lot. It’s worth the price, it’s a good deal, the weight just screams quality and yes it’ll fit over my big head but I have it in my pocket and no I don’t forget it’s there. I questioned the design with the tiny beads (Can they be called beads if they are heavy metal?) But using it is comfortable, the large separation between the Our Fathers helps keep it’s size to wear without upping the size of all the beads making a 5 lb monstrosity. I like it. You’ll like it too.

  8. My dad bought me a similar war rosary for my birthday but i lost it. This is the first rosary i bought for myself, and i am extremely happy with the durability of it. I have no doubt it would deflect a bullet lol.

  9. I was looking for a strong metal rosary that was wearable and didn’t tarnish. I love the look of silver but it burns my skin. I tried a beautiful rosary that was gunmetal plated over brass. Unfortunately, my skin chemistry melted the gun metal off. I realized that stainless was the way to go. Bought this. It is short enough to wear on the neck. It is very heavy and solid. A man’s rosary for sure. My toddler grabs on it and yanks on it when on my neck and it has held up and not broken. The metal does not react with my skin and my skin doesn’t tarnish the rosary. The beads are a bit bigger than what I wanted. If I could suggest any improvement, it would be to use smaller beads. I general, I am happy with this purchase.

  10. Beautiful Rosary….I love it… it’s sturdy with a little weight on it…Definitely a man’s rosary… Worth every penny… Very Happy

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